Internships and Placements

One of the strategic aims of the European Council – Lisbon 2000 – is to support sustainable economic development, social cohesion and better working conditions in a more advanced and competitive society. According to these objectives, the University of Catania offers several possibilities to spend a period of training abroad to its students and new graduates in order to increase the number of exchanges and to reach a better quality of mobility among Higher Education and Training systems all over Europe.

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LLP Erasmus Placement

Student mobility placement is a reciprocal exchange programme enabling outgoing and incoming students to spend a 3-12 month placement period in an enterprise/organisation in a partner country. Students receive an Erasmus grant and the placement period is recognized in their academic career.

Only incoming students belonging to foreign university partners (i.e. foreign universities that have an Erasmus Placement Bilateral Agreement with the University of Catania) are accepted to do a training in Catania. Students with an Erasmus Study grant can ask to do a training only if it is indicated in their learning agreement.

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LLP Leonardo da Vinci Programme

This programme funds many different activities of varying scales such as: ‘mobility’ initiatives enabling people to train in another country, cooperation projects to transfer or develop innovative practices and network focusing on topical themes in a determined sector.

Candidates able to benefit from the programme range are trainees in initial vocational training, people who have already graduated as well as VET professionals and whoever from organisations active in this field.

Leonardo da Vinci enables organisations in the vocational education sector to work with partners from across Europe, exchange best practices and increase their staff’s expertise. It should make vocational education more attractive to young people by helping them to gain new skills, knowledge and qualifications. The programme also boosts the overall competitiveness of the European labour market.

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Training Programme MAE-CRUI and ASSOCAMERE-CRUI

These programmes allow candidates to spend a three-month training period engaging in activities and organizations like: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, diplomatic delegation, consulate offices, permanent delegations, international organizations, Italian Culture Institutes and Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad.

The initiatives are run in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) and the Italian Universities Rectors Conference (CRUI).

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International Internship Programme

Through this programme,  the University of Catania offers its students a great opportunity to gain an unique and invaluable international experience. In addition, this opportunity allows students to learn from practical work, while gaining a deeper understanding of the internal systems and relations of the modern world.

New graduates can spend a three-month training period in enterprises that have signed an agreement with Catania University.

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Free Training Mobility

If students and newly graduates do not have the possibility to take part in the various training programmes, they can propose autonomously an enterprise abroad where to get a work experience. The support of a professor is kindly requested, providing that a specific International Internship Agreement is stipulated between the University of Catania and the foreign hosting organization.


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