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International Free Movers

EU citizens and non-EU citizens coming from Universities who don’t have any international agreement with the University of Catania, interested in attending one or more courses activated at the University of Catania, can inscribe to single courses.

Students can inscribe to maximum 5 single courses and for maximum 40 ECTS credits each year.
It is, in any case, impossible to inscribe to single courses belonging to Degree courses with limited entrance at National level.

EU citizens and non-EU citizens regularly living in Italy (as for the Italian Law 286/1998 art. 39, paragraph 5 and further modifications) interested in attending one or more single courses, can inscribe, within the deadlines indicated, by producing their university card or other translated and legalized foreign University certificate.

Non-EU citizens living abroad can inscribe by applying at Italian Diplomatic Representation (within 25th August for I semester courses and within 30th December for II semester courses).

As for VISA it is necessary to take into consideration general regulation, following Schengen rules and national laws on immigration, referring in particular to migratory risk evaluation.

Foreign students cannot obtain residence permit renewals for study  reasons, to attend further single courses different from those for which they gained VISA (this kind of renewal is intended only for inscription to entire Degree courses – (from Directive 2004/114/CE into art. 39 Italian Law 268/1998).

For updated information on Residence permit and Fiscal code, non-EU students can click here.

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05/01/2017 - 16:07