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International Academic Mobility

Visiting Scholars

One of the main objectives of international mobility is the engagement of academic staff in mobility policies framework whereby overseas scholars can travel around the world for both research and teaching purposes.

Incoming mobility of international scholars is highly welcomed by all of us across different departments. Duration of mobility periods is up to the needs and requirements of host institutions and departments. 

For this type of mobility, a range of procedures have been set out as follows:

  • Incoming scholars shall agree with an academic contact person on a specified time frame and their own respective reasons for mobility prior to visiting the University of Catania.
  • The academic contact person shall then make a formal request to the Head of Department for the mobility to be accepted and give notice of it to UDI, the administrative unit dealing with international mobility.
  • Incumbent heads of department shall send an invitation letter to prospective visiting scholars.
  • Aspiring visiting scholars are required to fill in an online application form and send an attached copy of the invitation letter along with it.
  • Upon arrival, visiting scholars are required to report their arrival to UDI, the relevant administrative unit that will inform the Rector, the Education Unit (ADI), the Research Division (ARI) and the Human Resources Division (AGAP) 
  • Right before the end of the international mobility, the academic contact person on behalf of the University of Catania shall write a final report in English to be sent to UDI and through them to the International Mobility Office (IMU) for a Certificate of Attendance to be issued and be signed by the Rector.

International Relations Office
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Deputy rectors for international relations
Lucia Zappalà
Martino Ruggieri
Rosaria Sicurella

Administrative contact
Sonia Valenti

Departmental contacts

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