International Visiting Professors - Researchers - Scholars

The following guidelines are addressed to UE and non-UE professors/researchers/scholars who intend to carry out a mobility period (from 2 weeks up to an academic year) at the University of Catania. Such mobility can be done in every moment of the academic year compatibly with Departments didactic or research activities. This procedure must be followed both for mobilities within the framework of international agreements and free.

Application procedures

  • Obtain the Acceptance letter from the Department of the University of Catania interested in the mobility.
  • Fill in the Application form online and submit it together with a scanned copy of the Acceptance letter, at least 15 days before the supposed arrival date.
  • Application will automatically arrive at the International Mobility Office (IMO) of the University of Catania who will send data to the Insurance Office and to the Safety and Prevention Area.

Arrival procedures

  • Reach the Department interested and register the arrival at the International Didactic Unit (IDU).
  • IDU will transmit registration data to the IMO.
  • Safety and Prevention Area will contact you to arrange a safety training seminar (mandatory for all incoming visitors);

Departure procedures

At the end of the mobility notify your departure to the IDU who will issue an Attendance certificate stating the entire mobility period. The IDU will transmit copy of the Attendance certificate to the IMO.

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