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Medical and Pediatric Sciences

The Department of Medical and Pediatric Sciences was recently established unifying the Department of Internal Medicine and of the Department of Pediatrics. It includes a multidisciplinary group of clinicians and researchers involved in most of the main filed of Medicine.

The mission of the Department is to build-up and disseminate research at an international level, aimed to increase knowledge, skills, understanding with a strong focus on translational impact. Our undergraduate and post-graduate students’ education has the goal of enhancing their professional, human and ethical potentials. Relationships and Partnerships with other Institutions, in Europe and Abroad, are actively promoted.



The Department’s Faculty has the tenure of most undergraduate teaching Courses of the clinical specific Medical and Pediatric  areas within the School of Medicine (MD) and the other Schools of Health Science area (Nursing, Physical Therapy, and others)

The Department is the Reference Institution of several Postgraduate Schools (Residency). Among them, a partial list of our currently active Schools (2011-2012) includes:

Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease, Rheumatology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Heart Surgery, Pediatrics, Human Genetics, and of the Master-Degrees in e-Learning in Health Sciences and in Clinical Ultrasound.



The multidisciplinary feature of the Department, even with mostly clinical interests, encompasses the lines of research of its components.


Department's Office

Ospedale "Vittorio Emanuele II" | Via Plebiscito, 628 | I-95124 Catania

e-mail: mips@unict.it




Prof. Carmelo Erio Fiore (cafiore@unict.it)


Erasmus and Internationalisation Delegate

Prof. Renata Rizzo (rerizzo@unict.it)

University of Catania

P.zza Università, 2
I - 95124 - CATANIA

C.F./VAT N. 02772010878
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